Cruze Farm

Est. 1980- Earl & Cheri started Cruze Farm 2010- Colleen and Manjit began the journey to save the family dairy farm

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we tour the farm?

We are a working farm! We work everyday sun up to sun down and still have plenty to do.  We wish we could give everyone a farm day experience but our animals need us.  Thank you for understanding a farmers way of life!  We do hope to have a special event one day to welcome everybody to the farm.  

Why does the milk separate?

It is completely natural for milk to separate. Since we don't homogenize, the cream rises to the top. Just shake it up! 

Is the milk organic?

No, milk can only be organic through a certification process. Our milk is natural and we practice organic farming by not using pesticides and herbicides on our pastures. Also, we never use hormones. We try to produce the highest quality milk by not changing it's natural state so we do not homogenize